Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarah Palin, comedy and election 2.0

It's the race that stopped the nation and I'm not talking about the Melbourne Cup.

There's been lots of insightful discussion about Election 2.0, and for me it's been interesting to see that it's tickled America's funnybone. Not only have Americans re-engaged with the politics, they've been laughing all the way to the polling booth.

Tina Fey's uncanny Sarah Palin impersonation has sent Saturday Night Live ratings soaring, Paris gave us a giggle with her views on 'fo po' and late night politically comedic shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart have had a field day.

As plenty of commentators have pointed out, there is no shortage of material. But I also wonder if it's symptomatic of America's gloomy mood? After all, history has shown that in difficult times, people turn toward entertainment to 'forget their troubles and get happy'.

Have performers hit comedy gold or does it signal something more?

Either way, for Sarah Palin, sketch show parodies and prank phone calls have created a pseudo entertainment campaign. The defining kind, but the wrong kind.

Update: The laughs continue with Palin's aides revealing she thought Africa was a country


faris said...

first cocreated election?

Kate Richardson said...

First co created election victory?

Tony Thomas said...

kate - maybe also it's just suddenly come to them all in one BIG moment, that politics in America has been laugh-able for the last 8 years!

Adam Ferrier said...

I predict that Sarah Palin will soon leave politics and become an embarassing piece of celebrity driftwood. In much the same fashion as Fergie (Dutchess of York variety not Black Eye Pea)
after she left the royals. Sarah is now damaged goods for any political party, loves the limelight, and I don't think she is aware of how silly she sounds (or else why would she do it to herself).

Morgan Coudray said...

Personally, trashin palin has been a pretty fun sport. Especially when you find out about things such as the fact that she thought that Africa was a country.
Keep it coming Kate.

Stan Lee said...

Tina Fey's Palin sketches are interesting because they are primarily composed of actual Palinisms.

You honestly couldn't make most of her stuff up.

Interestingly each time I see Palin on TV, I think to myself just how much like Tina Fey she is. Weird!