Thursday, November 13, 2008

Honey, the infomercial is the oldest trick in the book

If you were wondering what became of home shopping posterchild Honeyshed, check out this post from Greg Verdino - it's a nice little survey of the site's potted history and new ambitions.

Honeyshed has relaunched, and while it might be NEW and IMPROVED I'm not sure it comes with a MONEYBACK GUARANTEE.

Sorry. I can't help but use bad home shopping analogies.

Honeyshed is billed as 'home shopping' for a new generation, but you know, a steak knife is still a steak knife. And while infomercials have sold plenty of those over the years, the question is whether it's relevant to the 'digital generation'.

While the jury's still out, I'm looking forward to ordering my Alexander McQueen gut buster.


Adam Ferrier said...

It was completely panned in Marketing magazine this week - great article but cant find it. the tone was around the fact that it is so painfully hip that its completely try hard and transparently not at all cool. Great try - but doubt the idea is working

Kate Richardson said...

You know, I admire the brazen nature of it, and but I think it falls on the non ironic side of 'painfully hip'.