Sunday, November 16, 2008

Postsecret and my first i-pod

Starting a blog is a little bit like the first time you get hold of an i-pod. 

You find yourself spending hours downloading all your CDs, and scouring the web for old faves. Then there's the joy of new discoveries. And remixes. At parties, you're the one leading the music charge and the i-pod war. 

In quieter times, you retreat for many hours beneath a set of little white headphones (much to the chagrin of some).

The best bit is when you dust off an old favourite and rekindle the flame...that tune you'd forgotten you even had. The one that reminds you of...oh..never mind.

That happened to me in a blogging sense today when I dug out my old and almost forgotten friend, Postsecret

If you don't know it, get acquainted. I also recommend the books by Frank Warren.


dosh said...
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Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Today I started a diet and your word verification code right now is fucking "PRINGLES".

I shit you not.

It's like the internet wants me to be fat.

I don't even remember what my comment was.

Kate Richardson said...

Hi bloggess,

Maybe you've been subjected to subliminal PRINGLES messages by aliens living inside the internet.