Thursday, January 8, 2009

Content marketing: what should we call it?

If you haven't stumbled upon it, Joe Pulizzi writes a very informative blog on the subject of marketing and content.

Right now there's an interesting discussion going on about finding a universal definition for what Joe calls 'content marketing'.

I avoid the term 'branded content' because it sounds like the brand bit has been pasted onto some random content. I like the word 'entertainment' because it suggests a connection with the audience.

That's why I use 'brand entertainment' (and because Stickywood is a brand entertainment consultancy business).

But this is too narrow to encompass everything you might stick under the umbrella of content marketing.

Sometimes we industry folks get hung up on semantics and buzz words (in protest Julian is putting a ban on 'social media' and Mark Earle and crew are having a B free January). But I think Joe's thought about client comprehension and education makes this cause a worthy one.

So what do you think? Join the discussion and have your say here.


Joe Pulizzi said...

Hi Kate...thanks for continuing the conversation.

You are correct, we usually get hung up on semantics...but in this case it's important because marketers need to "get it" to feel comfortable using it.

Frankly, I don't care what it's called, as long as marketers start to understand the the creation and distribution of relevant, valuable and compelling content is core to their marketing program.

Steve Olenski... said...

Hi Kate, First off, love the blog, awesome stuff.

Now as for this particular topic... it never, NEVER ceases to amazes me why so many people get bogged down on semantics... Now Lord knows I love getting into some antics, but that's different...

As Joe puts it so well, who cares what it's called??!!

Just remember that it is vital to their overall success. Period!

dirkthecow said...

Couldn't agree more, branded entertainment resonates much better, with a much more friendly and appealing ring for brands / clients (as well as being more accurate).

But Joe and Steve are right, at the end of the day it doesn't matter too much what it's called, it's the end result what's important after all.

Kate Richardson said...

What's in a name? Everything and nothing it seems.

Steve thanks for your kind comments about the blog.