Tuesday, May 12, 2009

V Raw: embracing your inner casserole

In these early wintry months I've been dusting off my big pot and making some tasty soups and casseroles (try this lovely Italian vegetable soup with celeriac and borlotti beans).

Without a doubt, these hearty dishes always taste better the next day, when the flavours have had a chance to infuse.

I think a few more marketers need to embrace their inner casserole and give their campaigns a bit more time on the stove (see this previous post on taking the long view of brand entertainment).

So it's great to see Frucor and OMD have brought back the highly successful V Raw campaign.

The strength of this campaign was always its insight around young people and their lack of access to creative industry jobs - something that is even more pertinent in this climate.

Once again, V has teamed up with folks at places like Diesel and The Glue Society to offer internships to aspiring young creatives.

Start knocking at that door.


Bones Lawley said...

great idea this is. creative jobs are almost impossible out of uni from what I've heard. gotta be a coffee bitch or cleaner to suck your way in people tell me. But that crucial question (even tough I'm writing a mini-thesis on how good digital campaigns are at the moment) is whether this sells the Drink V or not. I've liked V''s cooling down tent at the big day out, some of their ads, competitions and Vraw, but I still have never purchased one can of the stuff despite all this interaction.

Kate Richardson said...

Bones, you've asked the million dollar question. But somehow I doubt that V would have revisited this campaign if it wasn't successful for them the first time, particularly when Mother have made such massive share inroads.