Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pixar and collective creativity

"How Pixar fosters collective creativity" is a fantastically informative and inspiring article from the Harvard Business Review by Ed Catmull, co-founder and President of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios.

I've read it a few times over the last week and for me it lifts the lid on Pixar's magical fusion of commerciality and creativity. It really calls out Pixar's championing of ideas, free thinking and most importantly, people, all within a highly structured and carefully considered framework.

It also highlights the importance of trust and letting go of what you think you know - something that's incredibly challenging in any marriage of creativity and commercial thinking.

A must read.


Gavin Heaton said...

A long time ago I was given an article about "how to manage creative people". It was one of the best things I ever read ... looks like the Pixar folk read it too.

Graeme Bowman said...

What a gem you've unearthed here in "How Pixar fosters collective creativity", Kate.

It excites me for two reasons: firstly, much of my work is as a professional speaker and facilitator on creative thinking, and, secondly, my 16 yr old son may be heading in the direction of 3D animation as a career.

Your blog is now firmly planted in my RSS feeder, and your tweets are eagerly anticipated.


Kaufan wow gold randy said...
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