Monday, April 13, 2009

Six Beers of Separation launches on Youtube

I wrote about this a while back, but the Tooheys Six Beers of Separation series is now up and running on Youtube.

Full episodes are coming soon, but check out the trailer below - if it doesn't make you thirsty, the top notch production values and a strong premise suggest it will be an interesting watch.


Zac Martin said...

I love this as an example of branded content that I would actually watch! And I don't even mind the product placement and branding!

Great concept, execution and the production quality is fantastic. Definitely will be keeping my eye on this baby.

Leyne said...

6 Beers of Separation star Meaghan Blake's
band The Kandy Apples launch their debut EP,

Sat 20th June @ Civic Underground
(cnr pitt & goulburn st)
w/Decorated Generals + Yum cha Blues + Nikki Nouveau

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