Monday, April 6, 2009

Coraline: building a beautiful story

Have a look at this beautiful looking film Coraline. Directed by Henry Selick, and based on the novel by Neil Gaiman, Coraline was released in February in the US. 

It's the first feature from animation studio Laika. The film looks to be a masterpiece of stopmotion animation - everything you see on screen has actually been handcrafted.

Laika is Phil Knight's post Nike plaything (he bought Will Vinton Animation Studios and renamed it Laika) and he tasked Wieden + Kennedy with marketing the company's first feature.

The campaign looks to have been both well crafted and respectful of its audience (both in terms of the marketing and the film itself).

One of the really cool things they did was send out 50 one off boxes to some key bloggers. Each of the boxes was handmade, totally unique and contained bits and pieces from the set. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on one?

You can read about the W+K story here and check out some of the artwork, or watch a delightful little trailer they've produced for the campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Thanks for sharing

- Farrel

Jareen said...

This is fascinating and inspiring Kate! Thanks for posting.
I love it coz
- great campaign utilising various consumer touch points in a meaningful and fun way (love those nikes!). They utilise most (if not all) social networking sites (again in a meaningful way)

- a youtube video of the making of their marketing campaign - brilliant!

Thanks Kate!