Sunday, February 8, 2009

7 things you didn't know about me

Dirk and Julian have tagged me in their game of hide and reveal - otherwise known as '7 things you didn't know about me'. 

So I thought I'd better fess up. And then I'll get back to business.

1. My mum was the deputy head mistress at my high school
That's right, she didn't just drop me off on the first day she also marched on up to her office. I spent the first few weeks attempting to appear unfazed and defiantly cool while secretly dying of embarrassment. She was formidable but fair. I certainly didn't get away with much. Mum was adventurous, curious, strongwilled and a woman of firm opinions. She was also an excellent teacher. She died a few years ago.

2. This is my second attempt at a blog
The first was called Lipstick Diaries - musings on the lesbian dating scene. It lasted about two weeks. I shut it down because it was searingly dull. I was bored even writing it. 

3. Well I guess that was really two things you didn't know about me

4. I grew up a queen of extra curricular activities
At one time or another I did classical ballet, jazz ballet, physical culture, scottish highland dancing, singing lessons, speech and drama, amateur theatre, acting classes, basketball, netball, orchestra, choir, horseriding lessons, swimming lessons, tennis lessons, clarinet lessons, piano lessons and hockey. It's scarred me with a short attention span and an appreciation for new projects. 

5. In 2008 I had my favourite ever holiday
Africa. It was wild. I visited a good friend in Sudan who also accidentally booked us on a five star safari in Tanzania (we thought we were camping). I went white water rafting in Uganda and stayed in a fancy tent on the Nile. And I met and went away with a fabulous local guy in the magical place that is Zanzibar. It was a holiday of contrasts - poverty and comfort, being alone and in company. And it was incredible.

6. I love to dress up
At my new years day night soiree I busted out 11 different outfits. But even more impressive, I debuted one fabulous pair of shoes that worked with every ensemble. 

7. In 2007 I completed the Sydney Leadership program
This is a year long experiential social leadership program run by The Benevolent Society and Social Leadership Australia. It was a very challenging, personally confronting and rewarding experience and I recommend it. I was lucky enough to meet some very smart and interesting people, and get acquainted with thinkers like Adam Kahane and Dean Williams. It completely changed my ideas about leadership and I wrote this little post over at The Flasher about it a while back.


lucio said...

uau this was surprising Kate.
Nice post, much better than my piece on 7 things....
Good to know a little bit more about you

dirkthecow said...

thank you for sharing Kate! Personally I'd be fascinated to go to Sudan, so I bet that was indeed a once in a lifetime trip

alisha said...
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Kate Kendall said...

Lovely post to read Kate and yes, thanks for sharing.

See you next week!